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Geotagging with N95

by on Dec.10, 2009, under Photography

So after a friend of mine showed me this, I thought to myself: “Wow, geotagging! I should start doing that.”

So I considered buying one of these GPS loggers. The one from Gisteq was 60 something but after shipping it would have been $100! So I go on amazon and found that a decent one would cost 60$ with free shipping. That’s not bad, but I wanted something for around $30. But then it hit me, my N95 has a GPS in it! There must be some kind of GPS logging app for it.

I was right, there are several actually, Nokia has their own called “Sports Tracker” or something, but this was the one i decided to use: It was simple to use.

So I start logging, and generating log files, but how do I use them to geotag picture? Well, I did it with a program named GeoSetter, it takes log data as input, and geotag your pictures using the time stamp. So be sure to have the clock on your cameras and phone in sync!

Here are a few samples of GeoTagged pictures I uploaded to flickr, you can see where i took the picture by clicking on the “map” link that appears on the right hand side…

Car In Nowhere Google Android!
Pathway to Courtyard

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Photo Taken: 2004-04-11

by on Dec.01, 2009, under Photography

After importing all my photos into Lightroom, i discovered i had over 17700 pictures dating back to 2004, about 30GB worth. I think I had pictures from before 2004, but I think my hard drive died that year and I lost all my data. Some of you might actually remember that. I was very sad.

So, I thought Id share some of the more interesting photos since then…

These pictures were taken with one of my very first digital camera, the sony clie palm device that i owned.

Back in 2004, the high school caf served horrible food. The fried chicken was actually one of the better dishes. The best was by far the poutines they had. While they had this crappy food, people did their homework in a cafeteria during lunch, sometimes the day that it was due. Good times. But eventually people get bored of doing homework and get our fair share of exercise playing soccer outside during lunch, people still play soccer, but not as much, i guess.

I remember walking down a hallway and discovering these weird boxes stuck to the wall. I didn’t know what they were for then, and i still don’t. I guess it might have been an effort to make an ugly school not so ugly.

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Toronto Night Market

by on Jul.15, 2009, under Eating Food, Photography

Went to night market last Friday, can’t believe its already been a year since the last one! Time just ZOOOOMs by somehow…

Overall, the experience was alright, it felt like there was more people this year than ever! You sort of had to join a ‘flowing stream’ to get around…

I mostly went because I wanted to eat the FOOD! Expecially stinky tofu, soo GOOD! don’t know where else in toronto i would be able to find it! Tried the takoyaki, it was meh, didnt taste good. The ‘stir fry’ ice cream was a fail, they ran out of dry ice so they couldn’t stir lol, they were selling ice cream with toppings on top for 4$, such a rip, we didnt bother. Also had some squid and meat skewers,….hmmm so gud!

After, met up with some friends and went to the BEST BBT venue GREEN GROTTO after, honeydew yogurt chiller is the best. get it next time you go, you won’t regret it. We had too many people so we got take out, i think it was cheaper (?), stephen ate his raw oysters from night market during parking lot chill XD


You can see the photos i took here:


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Display of Intemacy on a Beach

by on Apr.28, 2009, under Photography

Display of Intemacy on a Beach

Click the picture for a larger version…

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by on Apr.15, 2009, under Photography

Here are links to access my different photography albums. I’ve link the Facebook albums to my blog and I am some photos on Flickr too.

Facebook Photo Albums

Flickr Photo Albums

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