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DRIFTING down Lombard Street in San Francisco

by on Dec.08, 2009, under California

For my last weekend in California I rented a car. So we went up to San Francisco to check out the place one more time. I haven’t seen the golden gate bridge yet so i got to see that. PRETTY AMAZING STUFF!


Another highlight of this trip is drifting down Lombard Street, Haha, i lie. No ones drifting down THIS street. Even if it is the “crookedest street in the world”. But it was still a pretty good experience. We actually drove down TWICE, because we didn’t have the first time on video. So the youtube link you see below is actually our second drive down. It was pretty easy to drive down this street, we were in a corolla so the turning radius was quite small. It’ll be quite hard to drive a larger car, say a hummer, down this street. We even played some 得飄 得飄 music which seemed to be appropriate.

So heres the “travel video blog on youtube by akok” – Jethro Ma

So after some research on Wikipedia, the reason why they made this street crooked here is because the hill was too steep to make a road straight. Not very stupid actually (unlike what i said in the video).

After that, the rain really started coming down, but we still trekked to Union Square Park where they have a giant Christmas tree set up:



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Fire Hydrant go Boom at Nvidia

by on Oct.27, 2009, under California, Just For Fun

Well, it didn’t exactly go ‘boom’, or maybe it did? I wasn’t there when it started and maybe it went ‘boom’.

So apparently a garbage truck hit the fire hydrant this morning. I can see how thats plausible because i think in one of the last pictures you can sort of see an area with a large garbage dumpster, i guess the truck could of hit the hydrant when i was backing out 😛

The sight was quite spectacular, the water shot higher than the two-story parking garage! You can get a sense of the height from one of the picture, you’ll see how small the fireman is compared to the jet of water : S

I also took a video!

Eventually, the firemen was able to shut the water off : P

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AND it is free…

by on Oct.02, 2009, under California, Just For Fun

So I’m finally going apply and get my Social Security Number, the first line of the form was the most hilarious thing i’ve read today…

“Applying for a Social Security Card is easy AND it is free!”


I’m wondering, why do you even need to mention that is free. Shouldn’t these type be assumed to be free?? According to the posted by the U.S. Social Security Administration:

“A Social Security number is important because you need it to get a job, collect Social Security benefits and receive some other government services.”

Why would it cost money to get something you need to get a job??

Food for thought.

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Living in California, the subtle differences

by on Sep.28, 2009, under California

After living in California for a few week, you start to notice the differences, here I’ve compiled a short list:

  1. Its not a Washroom, its a Restroom (i’ve gotten weird blank stares when i said washroom)
  2. The debit cards here also function as a credit card
  3. The handle for the flush on the urinals are on the opposite side
  4. The merge lanes onto the highway are incredible short
  5. Having said 5, people actually yield to you when merging
  6. Having said 5 and 6 can, no one knows how to drive when it rains
  7. Gas is prepaid here, you gotta pay before you fill (i was at a gas station and tried to fill normally, i kept trying but no gas would come out, after 5 mins of looking idiotic and clueless, some guy came up to me and said to me that i had to pay first T_T)
  8. Its not Pop is a Soda
  9. Having said 8, Drink are bottomless at fast food places and at most restaurant (in fact, at most fast foods, the fountain drink machines is self serve)
  10. Having said 8 and 9, here is the conversion chart for drink sizes here
    Canada USA
    Small N/A
    Medium Small
    Large Medium
    Supersize Large
    N/A Supersize
    WTF Supersize+
    WTF+ Supersize++
  11. 100F is very hot
  12. You want ham on your pizza? Oh so sorry, we have Canadian Bacon
  13. The waiters here always brings your bill before you ask for it
  14. People tip more here, 18%
  15. The sell fried pork rinds here:

Ok, it looks like my “short list” has grown into a large list. I will stop now.

More to come…

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Onwards to Santa Clara, California

by on Sep.15, 2009, under California

I guess i really should have started writing this two weeks ago, when I arrive in California, but some many things are going on, I never seem to got the time to really settle down and write something! I guess here we go!

On Friday, August 28th, i hopped on my American Airlines flight to san jose, it was a long flight with connection in Chicago, but thank goodness the 5hr stretch has wifi internet so i can surf the web!

Concourse B at Toronto Pearson Airport:

Chicago O’Hare Airport

My Wifi setup on the airplane!

I’m currently staying at this place called “Greenpointe Apartments”. The place is ok, nothing special. Kinda old though..At least its close to work which is NVIDIA, around 10 mins on bike!

Ok, it looks like ive hit some kind of writer’s (blogger’s) block? Its getting late and my brain cant really compose coherent sentences anymore. WRITE MORE SOON!

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