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Assignment Submission #1: My Reflection on 4A

by on Aug.18, 2010, under Waterloo

yeah, people you’re with can make all the difference – gi

My 4A term ended last Friday and boy, did it go by quickly. 4A started off while I was still out of the country, travelling in limited expanses of Singapore. Upon arriving back in Canada, I spent a day at home before I raced frantically to Waterloo to catch school on the second Monday (I eventually missed the first week of classes).

Then 4A officially started for me, lectures were still slow, and I made a pact with myself to attend all lectures this term (after practically not going to any of my classes in Singapore, and travelling everywhere, I felt that I should try to be a more diligent student in 4A). I’m sure whoevers reading this can already guessed how that turned out : P

The rest of the term went by quickly, even now, I still feel that that night we went out for drinks after I got back to Waterloo happened just a month ago. It’s actually been around four months since then. I guess it’s because I’ve been doing a lot during the term, not necessarily school related activities, but lots of other stuff. In this reflection, I will attempt to list out what I’ve done, what I didn’t do, and what I’ve learned in 4A.

What I’ve done

  • Followed an active sport schedule: Tuesday – Swim, Wednesday – Badminton, Thursday – Squash, Friday – Badminton, Saturday – Badminton. Particularly proud of this. Keeps me occupied and healthy.
  • Went to Niagara Falls. I had my car one weekend so Alex, Gianne, and I went on an awesome trip to Niagara-on-the-lake, the falls, saw a generating station, etc. Pics to come! Oh and, Gianne’s first time on a Ferris wheel!!

    Niagara Falls!!

    Shes so happy : )

  • Went for Summerlicious at Canoe in Toronto! It was so good. Thanks JLP for the invite.

    We sat at Table #6 at the corner, this was the view.

  • Stayed up for 44 hours. Working on ECE 438 project overnight, then the next day went swimming, and then went to last bomber, then went home and died.
  • Went to last Bomber, first and last time of the term.
  • Went to Wonderland!! : )

    The group at Wonderland!

  • Live with a cat : P

    Fat cat at my house

  • Had breakfast at Crossroad in Elmira with roommates
  • Shoot a bow (archery)
  • Flown a kite. Even simple things like flying a kite are hard to find time for. Glad I got to do it. Also, it was gianne’s first time flying a kite!

    Assembling the kite!

  • Hung out with people on my front porch in loo. It was the best, had chairs and would just sit there, have a drink (and nothing). I miss that porch already.
  • Did something that I’d never thought I’d do.
  • (Theres probably more that I’ve forgotten…)

What I didn’t Do

  • Have a barbeque. I rented a room in the shortcut house this term and there was a nice backyard. I wanted to have a BBQ there but that never happened.
  • Put out disposable cameras around campus. I had this idea to put out disposable film cameras around campus in the morning and have a sign that tells people to take a picture. I would come back at the end of the day and collect them. I would have been interesting to see what pictures would have been taken, but alas I never got around to putting them out. I did buy the cameras though.
  • Go to more Bomber
  • Didn’t make Ais Kachang. Had it in Singapore, said I would try to make it. Never happened.

    Ais (Ice) Kacang!!! So GOOD!

  • Didn’t make curry. I said I would, but I didn’t.
  • Win at Settlers of Catan. I haven’t won since 2007.

    Playing Settlers at Alex's

  • Find a partner
  • (Theres probably more that I’ve forgotten…)

What I’ve Learned

  • Don’t leave all your projects to the end. Every course I took this term consisted of a project. When you have to work on all of them at the same time, it’s not very fun
  • Alcohol can make anything good…and silly!
  • I love sad movies.
  • Good friends are rarity these days. People can be so fake or heartless.
  • Jealousy killed the cat. Seriously, it can kill more than your cat. (Not the cat I lived with though, he’s fine)
  • If you want something, just go for it. Even if it doesn’t end the way you think it should, if you don’t, you will regret it. (Legally, of course)
  • (Theres probably more that I’ve forgotten…)

Well there you have it, what I did, what I didn’t do, and what I’ve learned. This note is probably very long and if you had the patience to read all the way here, I congratulate you, find me, I’ll treat you to a drink. But seriously, this is my 4A. I’d say it was the most fun of all the terms I’ve had at Waterloo so far, I’d anticipate 4B to be even better when everyone that was there in 1A is all back together. It will be a grand finale. See you then!

Yours truly,


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