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Five Days in Tokyo: Final Thoughts

by on Dec.24, 2009, under In Asia

So for the last five days, Mr. William Chan and I visited Tokyo. I joined a freelance “zi yao hung” package from Hong Kong which bascially provides you with plane tickets and hotel only.

It was a very good trip. I was scared that the trip wouldn’t go well because I haven’t really planned where to go on what day. However, before I left, I had bought a book named “Tokyo City Guide” by Lonely Planet. It listed what there is to do in each major district in Tokyo. So the plan was to basically visit several districts each day. This plan worked out pretty well. (Just remember to check what day of the week things are happening, for example, if you want to check out the cosplayers at harajuku, go on a weekend; and many things are closed on some days of the week)

There way to much to write down now, however here are some final thoughts on Tokyo:

1 ) Its huge.
2 ) Transport is awesome.
3 ) Food is not as expensive as I thought, especially sushi (Except for rice).
4 ) Those who say that the only cute/hot Japanese girls are the ones you see on tv or internet or magazine or etc, your wrong, during my 5 day stay in Tokyo, it was rare to see an unattractive girl, (or maybe its just the Waterloo effect). The girls really know how to put on makeup.
5 ) You never know when you’re on the ground floor in Tokyo. The city is built on layers, there will always be another floor below your feet.
6 ) Everyone dresses incredibly well. The people are on the bleeding edge of fashion. If you take a moment to look at what people wear, you will notice that everything matches, from the jacket, to the shoes, to the belt, to the purse/bag, to the hat, etc.
7 ) Japanese people are respectful.
8 ) Japanese kids are disiplined (and funny). Only foreign kids misbehave.
9 ) Old Japanese people are so “auntie” or “si lai”.
10 ) Everything is so fast and busy, there is no rest time. The only “slower” time was during our visit to a park or shine.
11 ) Peruvian flute bands ARE everywhere.
12 ) They have 18+ material in convenience stores.
13 ) Everything is so new and clean and shining.

There is definitly more, but im at the airport right now and am very tired. So thats all for now! I’ll upload the pictures and videos soon! Actually, I’ve already uploaded some videos, so check them out! (Search username: Arthaha)


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Geotagging with N95

by on Dec.10, 2009, under Photography

So after a friend of mine showed me this, I thought to myself: “Wow, geotagging! I should start doing that.”

So I considered buying one of these GPS loggers. The one from Gisteq was 60 something but after shipping it would have been $100! So I go on amazon and found that a decent one would cost 60$ with free shipping. That’s not bad, but I wanted something for around $30. But then it hit me, my N95 has a GPS in it! There must be some kind of GPS logging app for it.

I was right, there are several actually, Nokia has their own called “Sports Tracker” or something, but this was the one i decided to use: It was simple to use.

So I start logging, and generating log files, but how do I use them to geotag picture? Well, I did it with a program named GeoSetter, it takes log data as input, and geotag your pictures using the time stamp. So be sure to have the clock on your cameras and phone in sync!

Here are a few samples of GeoTagged pictures I uploaded to flickr, you can see where i took the picture by clicking on the “map” link that appears on the right hand side…

Car In Nowhere Google Android!
Pathway to Courtyard

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DRIFTING down Lombard Street in San Francisco

by on Dec.08, 2009, under California

For my last weekend in California I rented a car. So we went up to San Francisco to check out the place one more time. I haven’t seen the golden gate bridge yet so i got to see that. PRETTY AMAZING STUFF!


Another highlight of this trip is drifting down Lombard Street, Haha, i lie. No ones drifting down THIS street. Even if it is the “crookedest street in the world”. But it was still a pretty good experience. We actually drove down TWICE, because we didn’t have the first time on video. So the youtube link you see below is actually our second drive down. It was pretty easy to drive down this street, we were in a corolla so the turning radius was quite small. It’ll be quite hard to drive a larger car, say a hummer, down this street. We even played some 得飄 得飄 music which seemed to be appropriate.

So heres the “travel video blog on youtube by akok” – Jethro Ma

So after some research on Wikipedia, the reason why they made this street crooked here is because the hill was too steep to make a road straight. Not very stupid actually (unlike what i said in the video).

After that, the rain really started coming down, but we still trekked to Union Square Park where they have a giant Christmas tree set up:



p.s. Vote on my diPolls: Peter Chao vs Mychonny Girls’ Generation vs Wonder Girls Ebay vs Amazon

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Please give my diPolls some VOTES :D

by on Dec.02, 2009, under Just For Fun


Hi everyone, good morning, for anyone who sees this post, please give my diPolls some votes and rate it 5 stars!!!
It’s very simple, you just go to the page and select A or B, thats it! Give it a try : D

Here are my polls:

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Photo Taken: 2004-04-11

by on Dec.01, 2009, under Photography

After importing all my photos into Lightroom, i discovered i had over 17700 pictures dating back to 2004, about 30GB worth. I think I had pictures from before 2004, but I think my hard drive died that year and I lost all my data. Some of you might actually remember that. I was very sad.

So, I thought Id share some of the more interesting photos since then…

These pictures were taken with one of my very first digital camera, the sony clie palm device that i owned.

Back in 2004, the high school caf served horrible food. The fried chicken was actually one of the better dishes. The best was by far the poutines they had. While they had this crappy food, people did their homework in a cafeteria during lunch, sometimes the day that it was due. Good times. But eventually people get bored of doing homework and get our fair share of exercise playing soccer outside during lunch, people still play soccer, but not as much, i guess.

I remember walking down a hallway and discovering these weird boxes stuck to the wall. I didn’t know what they were for then, and i still don’t. I guess it might have been an effort to make an ugly school not so ugly.

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