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Fire Hydrant go Boom at Nvidia

by on Oct.27, 2009, under California, Just For Fun

Well, it didn’t exactly go ‘boom’, or maybe it did? I wasn’t there when it started and maybe it went ‘boom’.

So apparently a garbage truck hit the fire hydrant this morning. I can see how thats plausible because i think in one of the last pictures you can sort of see an area with a large garbage dumpster, i guess the truck could of hit the hydrant when i was backing out ūüėõ

The sight was quite¬†spectacular, the water shot higher than the two-story parking garage! You can get a sense of the height from one of the picture, you’ll see how small the fireman is compared to the jet of water : S

I also took a video!

Eventually, the firemen was able to shut the water off : P

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Honest Commentary of a Korean Drama Part I: Premium Outlets in KOREA? What the..

by on Oct.23, 2009, under Just For Fun

Following my “Cantonese Drama” series of posts, i present to you “Fallacy in a Korean Drama”

So i was  watching this korean drama, about some rich people that owns a clothing line. Apparently they were meeting with some french people to discuss some business deals.

And then i see this, “Premium Outlets”…THEY HAVE THEM IN KOREA TOO? (yes they do

[SoShi Subs] Cinderella Man - Ep. 02 [04.16.09].mkv_snapshot_00.27.33_[2009.10.22_23.52.26]

and probably most things are close to retail price with a limited selection…

[SoShi Subs] Cinderella Man - Ep. 02 [04.16.09].mkv_snapshot_00.27.35_[2009.10.22_23.56.18]

i gotta say, why do¬†caucasian¬†people always seem so fake in asian dramas, i mean, look at these people, do they even look like high up executives you dont want to screw up in front off? man the “french” guy in here looks incredibly out of place…

[SoShi Subs] Cinderella Man - Ep. 02 [04.16.09].mkv_snapshot_00.27.40_[2009.10.22_23.56.48]

even the actors probably thought they look ridiculous, look at this guy! the poor guy has to hold his laughter, look at his facial expression, the agony…

[SoShi Subs] Cinderella Man - Ep. 02 [04.16.09].mkv_snapshot_00.27.48_[2009.10.23_00.07.10]

look for Part II soon…

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AND it is free…

by on Oct.02, 2009, under California, Just For Fun

So I’m finally going apply and get my Social Security Number, the first line of the form was the most hilarious thing i’ve read today…

“Applying for a Social Security Card is easy AND it is free!”


I’m wondering, why do you even need to mention that is free. Shouldn’t these type be assumed to be free?? According to the posted by the U.S. Social Security Administration:

“A Social Security number is important because you need it to get a job, collect Social Security benefits and receive some other government services.”

Why would it cost money to get something you need to get a job??

Food for thought.

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