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Government-Issued Asian Triad

by on May.18, 2009, under Just For Fun


Why do people always look horrible on government-issued photo-id? Actually….why do ASIAN MALES look horrible on goverment-issued photo id. Just look at the picture above. It looks like friggen mug shots of some asian triads. Not particularly good when you get pulled over by a cop:

cop: “License and registration please.”
asian male: “Sure, here you are sir”
cop: thinks *omfg this guy is triad!
cop: “excuse me sir, please get out of the car”
asian male: “DONT TASE ME BRO”

so this is why those ladys at LCBO stares at my id…

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  • James

    If there is anything that Jackie Chan movies have taught me about the triads, is that they are evil bumbling idiots.

    Sometimes lovable!

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