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Display of Intemacy on a Beach

by on Apr.28, 2009, under Photography

Display of Intemacy on a Beach

Click the picture for a larger version…

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RED ANT Restaurant

by on Apr.23, 2009, under Eating Food

Last week, after a long a hard discussion about where to go for lunch, we decided to go to that mall on a hill near 16th and Leslie and decide on a place there (Yes that one which is supposedly haunted LOL). We got there and one restaurant caught our attn, we didn’t really feel like chinese food, but chinese-nized western food a.k.a hk cafe style. It was called Red Ant Restaurant. I found the name funny, why would you name a restaurant ‘Red Ant’. Maybe its to continue the theme of naming restaurants after insects much like the ‘Firefly’ restaurant at FMP.

Anyhow, we looked at the menu, the prices were quite good! The lunch special menu was around $6 to $10. Comes with the Entree, Soup and Drink and SEASONAL FRUITS O BOY. The food was pretty good, the soup was ok. What surprised us what the lenght the went to to make the drink cold. See normal people would put ice INSIDE the drink. Not here they didn’t, they got a bowl, dumped some crushed ice in it, and stuck the cup into the ice! What the hell?! (I regret not taking a picture of it)

Below you will see a gallary of pictures including the actual food. Theres Baked Pork Chop rice, Japanese Curry Beef, and some chicken Udon thing.

I don’t know how much longer this place will survive, the previous restaurant that occupied that unit don’t tend to last very long. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Edit: Ok so apparently theres a franchise in Hong Kong also called Red Ant Restaurant. I have a feeling this is just a fake knock off.

HK Site:

HK Logo:

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Kitchen Stuff Plus

by on Apr.20, 2009, under Making Food

On Sunday, I set out on an adventure to find a milk frother to recreate some amazing coffee at home. First I tried Loblaws, I couldn’t find it myself so I asked someone. They are very stupid:”What a milk frother?”

I tried to explain to them what it is, albeit, I sounded quite stupid. “It a spinning thing that makes milk foam.” In the end, they didn’t have one.

So onto The Bay hoping to find a decently priced one. They had one, it was $29.99. $29.99!??! Why are they charging me $29.99 for a stupid metal prong stuck on a motor? I left hastly. I give up, I’m going home.

On my way home, I saw this store:

This store is amazing! How could I have missed it all this time? They get all this kitchen stuff for LESS! Spent some time, walked around. Alas, I have found my milk frother. Guess how much? $5! Still expensive IMO but better than $29.99… They also had all these coffee pots, moka pots, and french presses. (Stephen if you read this they have cheap french presses, check out the picture!) The also have a cheap espresso machine they sell at The Bay for $100 for $60 and they’re assortment of random kitchen stuffs is very complete including an avocado slicer.

If you need kitchen stuff, go to this place first. This locations @ Yonge & High Tech (north of 7)

– Arthur

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3A Schedule

by on Apr.17, 2009, under Waterloo


The schedules not too bad. The two labs in the morning alternate every week. So I start at 1:30 two days a week.

AFTERNOON LECTURES! Maybe this term I’ll actually go to classes.

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by on Apr.15, 2009, under Photography

Here are links to access my different photography albums. I’ve link the Facebook albums to my blog and I am some photos on Flickr too.

Facebook Photo Albums

Flickr Photo Albums

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